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Protect Yourself with Softgun

Be the first to indulge yourself and protect your children, with Softgun. The safe and friendly alternative to a traditional firearm. Enjoy the sweetness of safety!

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"Most promising product of the century. OMG Armory Safety Soultion will make it happen: 7.758156000 equipped civilians by 2020."

- Peace Channel


Features & Specifications

  • Sensual smooth surface technologies.
  • Touch and smell are designed to work with childhood-memory-recognition.
  • Pure white surface, made from american dream friendly candy.
  • Multiple target technologies included, to aim quick in various directions.
  • Customized forms and flavours out now!

Feel safe, integrate Softgun into your family life.

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Available in fun sizes and colors

Sleek and Elegant Softgun you'll love to carry around. buy one and get two FREE when you pre-order today.


at just $499.99

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